About Me

Welcome to my site. I guess my interest in sound like most in the industry started at an early age with a love for music. Born and raised in the Washington DC area, I was never formerly trained in reading sheet music but I learned to play saxophone in high school, and later in college I was a rhythm guitarist in a band. After years of getting gigs and doing the whole bar scene, I remember our band going into the studio to record a demo CD – that’s when it all clicked. I knew I had to work in the Audio Industry. I was amazed at how making subtle changes during the recording and editing stages would result in dramatically changing listener’s experience.

Unfortunately the band never got further than making that demo CD, but my love for audio and recording didn’t stop there. As fate would have it, a couple members of the band along with some other mutual friends decided to start an independent film company. So in 2001, 19th & Wilson Productions was created.

I started with 19th & Wilson doing anything and everything from storyboarding to organizing casting calls just to get our projects off the ground. For almost all of our short films I served as the boom operator or sound assistant. As we completed one short film after another, I quickly realized how vital it was to capture the best audio possible during production in order for the highest quality end product. In 2010 we completed our first full feature film Ghosts Don’t Exist. At that point, I decided I wanted to become the best I could be at production/post production sound and I wanted the proper training.

Later that year, I sold everything I had and moved to Vancouver, BC. I studied Sound Design for Visual Media at the Vancouver Film School and it was the best decision I could have made. Not only did I get hands on training on the latest equipment, we had the chance to talk to Oscar Winning Sound Designers as they gave us invaluable insight on what to expect when we get out there in the real world. I lived and breathed sound design 24/7 throughout the program. I learned about the intricacies of Foley, the precision of Music Editing, accommodating and directing talent for ADR sessions, I was exposed to every facet of Sound Design and I loved it.

I graduated from VFS in 2011 and returned to Washington DC. After a year of trying to get into the handful of post production studios in DC, I had an offer to relocate to Miami, Florida to Roar Post. Once again I packed up and relocated to Miami. I loved working with Roar Post and it was an awesome experience. I was there for about 2 years but found myself returning to the Washington DC area.

In 2014 I started DC Sound Design and I have been working as an audio mixer with Discovery Communications in nearby Silver Spring, Maryland.

Everyday is a learning experience for me and I’m lucky to wake up every morning to go do what I love doing.

Thanks for visiting!